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Exposición Inmersión al Machichaco
'Inmersión al Machichaco' Exposition. Click on image to access.

This web's main characters are exclusively the SHIPS. My only role: to show the way they look like.

Pedro Blanco en su taller

Since three decades ago, I spend my time making precise replicas to scale of the ships that Spanish and foreign shipyards are presently launching. They are reproductions of prototypes of current models, i.e.: gas tankers, chemical ships, tug boats, oceanographic ships, oil tankers, dredges, etc.

I started late in this job; I made my first work when I was 28: a half hull model of a steamboat built in 1912 called María Santiuste. I have always loved steamboats because I consider that at that moment ships symbolized the highest beauty ever seen on the seas. That is why, no matter how many orders I receive, I always insert at least one scale model of a steamboat in my workshop.

Blanco Modelos Navales, lámina de agua

José Luis Casado Soto, director of the Maritime Museum of the Cantabrian Sea, writes the introduction of the book "BARCOS, Modelos Navales con Historias [SHIPS, maritime scale models with a certain story]":

"[…] Pedro Blanco's works have been made, like good cooks do, on his author's loving low flame based on his main hobby, which he has in a very intelligent manner turned into his occupation.

Blanco Modelos Navales, maqueta completa

I first met Pedro when he was one of the enthusiastic scale model-makers who became part of the Asociación de Amigos del Museo Marítimo del Cantábrico (the association of the Maritime Museum of the Cantabrian Sea Friends), when this institution still had not opened its doors to the main public. He had recently changed his vocation of painting in oils into scale models-construction, and he tried to be well documented by reading our late friend Rafael González Echegaray's work, assembling old pictures of ships and moving heaven and earth to get shipyard's drafts of each ship he expected to reconstruct.

A lot of water has passed through these seaboards of sun and mist, black air and clear winds since then, time in which Pedro Blanco has become a valued expert not only in Spain, but also abroad. Big corporations and entities order in a systematic way his construction of scale models of the ships which keep inhabiting the seas.

Blanco Modelos Navales, sextante

Nowadays, from the clean maturity of the occupation that defines him, he gives us something like the quintessence of his worries, likings and patient job, what he has learned by studying and making scale models at a size which is closer to our eyes and hands than they really are.

Pedro Blanco shows the creation of his loving and meticulous job in three different ways: One, ships look in one piece, showing all their volumes and profiles, from its keel to its knob. Two, half hulls on metopes, a comfortable offer consistent with the lack of space on houses and workplaces, which allows its hanging on the wall without loosing any of its features, as boats are set on their centre line. Third, the ships look like sailing on the sea, like small dioramas in which the author resorts to his painting ability to overcome the challenge of recreate the mobile surface of the seas.

Blanco Modelos Navales, medio casco

If Pedro's affection for ships means the key reliability of his scale models, the love he has for steamboats is shown in the choice of the main part of his scale models.

These works are the valuable tools through which people can approach the way of living of the collectives which, for centuries, risked their lives, writing down the most beautiful pages about men and the seas...”.

Blanco Modelos Navales, diorama

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